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Political Action Committee

Nursing homes in Ohio are heavily funded and regulated by government. Our government's decision-makers are those we elect to represent us. They have an obligation to listen to their constituents, including those who care for the frail and elderly in Ohio's nursing homes.

The Academy of Senior Health Sciences, Inc. (ASHS) maintains a strong relationship with those elected representatives and the staff they hire to implement their policies. Through strategic lobbying efforts, the Academy has been able to prevent proposed cuts to Medicaid, secure more funding for its members and minimize additional regulations that we consider costly and inefficient. In the past, the Academy successfully prevented a proposed three percent cut in Medicaid funding for nursing homes.

The Academy's political action committee (PAC) contributes to the campaigns of legislators who listen, understand and vote in favor of keeping Ohio's nursing homes adequately funded and efficiently regulated. This in turn allows nursing homes to adequately pay the salaries of thousands of health care workers in Ohio’s nursing homes.

The ASHS PAC is largely funded by its membership through automatic payroll deductions. Thousands of small donations add up to make a difference. A small $5 bi-weekly payroll donation by the many health care workers in Ohio’s nursing homes can add up and allow the Academy to influence campaigns and get the right people elected in Ohio. Individually and collectively, the thousands of health care professionals in Ohio's nursing homes can make a difference.